Random Raspberry Facts

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Golden Raspberries

Golden raspberries and red raspberries are similar in almost all aspects. The difference between these berries consists in the golden color of the fruit. It also has slight pink hues.

Raspberry Pests

Every plant has some characteristic insects called „pests”. One of the most common pests in raspberry plants are „Alphids”, characterized by their different colors: black, green, red, brown or pink.

How to spot raspberry pests

Here are some useful tips if you wish to know how to recognize a raspberry plant with pests or diseases. If the plant becomes weak, this means that it is

Raspberry Ketone Reviews

ADVERTISMENT The aromatic compound derived from red raspberries is called raspberry ketone. It gives the berries their unique aroma and it is considered a potent fat-burner. This obscure (until now) fruit

Trimline Max Raspberry Ketone Review

Long before a popular television doctor called raspberry ketones “the #1 miracle in a bottle, to burn your fat”, Trimline Max was formulated with the highest concentration of top-quality raspberry

Romans had spread the Raspberry throughout Europe

Did you know that the Romans were among the first to start cultivating these fruits and are believed to be the ones who spread the raspberry throughout Europe?

This happened before the 4th century. After 12 centuries, more and more Europeans were planting and growing raspberries in their gardens.

Though before the sixteenth century, raspberries were only used as medicine, people started to use them also as food. By the late 1700s, raspberries were brought to America, and the mass production soon started to bloom.

Today, raspberries can be found almost everywhere and people are simply delighted to eat these delicious fruits.

Raspberries are rich in antioxidants

Have you ever thought about improving your health by eating fruits or vegetables which are rich in antioxidants? It is well known that raspberries contain a high amount of antioxidants, they have a higher amount than strawberries and are considered to repair and even prevent oxidative stress, a disease which damages body cells.

They are also known to be a good and important source of anti-inflammatory substances, used for cardiovascular diseases as well in diabetes. Along with anthocyanins, which is the substance that gives certain colors to fruits, flowers and vegetables, it helps in improving memory and eyesight.

Few diseases are created because of oxidative stress, few but deadly: heart disease, Alzheimer and cancer.


Raspberries come from the rose family

Did you know that Raspberries belong in the same family as strawberries, the rose family (Rosaceae)? Raspberries are considered to be a delicious fruit with an interesting shape, one one pint of the fruit weighing almost ¾ lbs.

The apple, cherry, apricot, peach, almond, plum, and roses, meadowsweets, photinias, firethorns, rowans, hawthorns) also come from the rose family.

The Rosaceae family includes 3 subfamilies:
-Subfamily Rosoideae: raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, rose and more
-Subfamily Maloideae: apple, cotoneaster, hawthorn, etc.
-Subfamily Dryadoideae

There are over two hundred species of raspberries, but only few are cultivated. The most common type of raspberries are in a red color. Raspberries are very rich in Vitamins and they have more fibers than most fruits.

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Liproxenol Max is a dietary supplement with a very bold promise: get skinny or get double your money back! The Lipro Xenol Max team is dedicated to help consumer lose maximum weight in the shortest time, as stated on the official website.

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  1. liproxenol-ingrediengts-garcinia-cambogiaGarcinia Cambogia is a remarkable fat burning fruit grown in India and Southeast Asia. It’s rind contains of HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) which provides impressive weight loss results. Therefore a natural Garcinia Cambogia extract will show great results for weight loss; because it is the basic fat burner and appetite controller. HCA in Garcinia Cambogia also helps emotional eaters because it increases serotonin levels in your brain which helps for better mood and healthier sleep patterns.
  2. liproxenol-ingrediengts-raspberry-ketoneRaspberry Ketone: Multiple recent studies with Raspberry Ketones showed an increase secretion of adiponectin, which is a hormone that helps regulate lipolysis (this is the process that burns fat). Levels of adiponectin have a direct inverse correlation to your body fat percentage – this means that with higher adiponectin levels comes lower body fat.
  3. liproxenol-ingrediengts-green-coffee-bean-extractGreen Coffee Bean Extract owes its effectiveness to the concentration of chlorogenic acid which has been shown effective in boosting the metabolism and encouraging weight loss. This enzyme has also been shown to help inhibit the production of glucose in the liver, making it an effective tool in the fight against diabetes. Green coffee bean extract has been shown effective in helping users shed pounds and drop weight for good.

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VitaLipo: Un Cuerpo Hermoso para el Verano

VitaLipo es un nuevo producto de la pérdida de peso, muy eficiente gracias a la potencia natural de sus ingredientes. ¡VitaLipo es un reductor de grasa que combina una fórmula de fibras altas para evitar que su cuerpo absorba parte del colesterol y grasa en sus alimentos!


Un poco de fibra también es útil para conocer como perder peso rapido y eliminar grasa rápidamente, además ten en cuenta que si consumes el doble de fibra te sentirás mucho mas lleno al mismo tiempo que limpiaras tu organismo y quemaras calorías con mayor eficiencia. Tambien tienes que practicar ejercicios abdominales y si quieres tu parte trasera en forma, puedes tratar los ejercicios para gluteos aqui.


- evitan la formación de grasa

- combate la celulitis

¡Lo más comentado para la pérdida natural de peso está finalmente aquí! Lo único que tiene que hacer es tomar 2 pastillas de VitaLipo antes de dos comidas díarias junto con sus ejercicios físicos.

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Cofelen Brasil – Café Verde favorece a queima da gordura ao acelerar o metabolismo

As cápsulas de Cofelen com café verde são feitas a partir do grão do café não torrado, e assim o princípio ativo pode ser extraído. O ácido clorogênico é o principio ativo do suplemento alimentar para emagrecer que usa o extrato do grão de café verde.


Segundo os especialistas, é essa a substância responsável pelo emagrecimento.

Ele aumenta o consumo energético e assim queima mais calorias quando se está em repouso, sendo esta a função termogênica.

O extrato de café verde além de reduzir o apetite também é considerado um potente antioxidante.

Por ter as substâncias cafeína, polifenois e ácido clorogênico em sua composição básica em maior grau do que no café torrado, o café verde favorece a queima da gordura ao acelerar o metabolismo.

Porque Cofelen?

Cofelen – novidade no mercado, essa cápsula turbina o metabolismo. O grão do café verde é mais potente porque tem duas vezes mais cafeína que o grão torrado. Essa propriedade faz com que ele entre no grupo dos alimentos termogênicos e emagrecedores de maneira mais efetiva do que o café comum. Isso porque a cafeína favorece a perda de peso, além de promover a oxidação.

Cofelen Brasil


Raspberry Ketone Renew and RealX Renew: Burn Fat & Flush Toxins

Raspberry Ketone Renew – Key Benefits

  • Raspberry Ketone Renew is 100% pure with no added ingredients, fillers or binders.
  • Raspberry Ketone Renew contains 150mg per capsule (60 capsules per bottle taken 2 times a day – That’s 300mg per day and a full month’s supply).
  • Raspberry Ketone Renew contains only natural raspberry ketones and not synthetic ketones.
  • Raspberry Ketone Renew is manufactured in a lab that is cGMP certified.

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RealX Renew Adds to the Slim-Down Effect

Burn more calories and get that sexy body you’ve always wanted! RealX Renew works with your body for advanced weight loss and great results!
When you’re asleep, your digestive system is hard at work, but waste buildup in your system can slow down the process of proper digestion. This buildup can make you wake up feeling tired & bloated. Give your metabolism the boost it needs with the power of RealX Renew! Let the revolutionary formula prove to purify your system so you can burn more fat – even while you sleep!


You’ve most likely been hearing the praises of Probiotics lately, and it’s no surprise why. Research on probiotics has suggested health benefits ranging from digestive support to promoting healthy cholesterol.


RealX Renew provides an all natural solution to burn carbohydrates faster and metabolize fat within the body quicker. The all natural ingredients create a metabolic reaction by breaking down carbohydrates into energy, not only does this reaction break down carbohydrates quicker it also may increase the body’s energy allowing you to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle!

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Vitaketone y Zolyria Espana – Fama mundial conocido por la regulación de la actividad metabólica

VitaKetone con Cetona de Frambuesa ayuda al metabolismo de las grasas. El exceso de grasa se localiza principalmente en la zona abdominal, en esta zona se acumula la grasa visceral. Este tipo de grasa es metabólicamente activa y por tanto podemos actuar sobre ella con una dieta de control de peso y con ejercicio físico. Zolyria helps cleanse the body and speeds up fat burning.

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El secreto de VitaKetone

La cetona de frambuesa o raspberry ketone, como se conoce el producto en inglés, es un componente aromático presente en algunos frutos, entre ellos la frambuesa, que la propia planta biosintetiza, y que también puede ser obtenido en el laboratorio sintéticamente.

La cetona de frambuesa es un estimulante natural, potente, que ayuda a quemar grasas porque acelera el metabolismo y sube la temperatura del cuerpo. De resultas de esa termogénesis, de esa capacidad de generar calor en el cuerpo humano, se queman grasas. Otros productos termogénicos son, por ejemplo, el té verde, aunque se considera que la estructura molecular de la cetona de frambuesa resulta especialmente apropiada para este cometido, y ha supuesto un verdadero boom en Estados Unidos, sobre todo desde que un médico que posee uno de los shows televisivos más populares de Norteamérica, aportara datos de que pruebas realizadas con ratas alimentadas con dietas altas en grasa y cetona de frambuesa, habían demostrado que la cetona de frambuesa había actuado como quemagrasas.

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Zolyria – pérdida de peso efectiva

Por qué hay que tomar Zolyria con Probióticos? Numerosos estudios clínicos han demostrado la importancia de los Probióticos, tanto en nuestro metabolismo como en nuestro sistema digestivo. Y es que las bacterias que viven en nuestro intestino son determinantes para un buen estado desalud.

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Redunovin Diätrezept Offengelegt: Wundermittel oder Abzocke?

In den letzten paar Monaten wurden unsere Leser durch zwei Internet-Produkte verrückt gemacht, die Frauen auf der ganzen Welt bei der Reduzierung des Körperfetts unterstützen. Die Produkte wurden in vielen populären TV-Shows vorgestellt.

Gewichtsreduzierung stellt sich oft als eine unmögliche Herausforderung dar. Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir zahlreiche Diäten ausgewertet. Allzu oft sind deren Ergebnisse nur sehr gering oder sogar schmerzhaft enttäuschend.

Der Grund, warum die meisten Diäten scheitern, bestehtunserer Meinung nach darin, dass sie unrealistische Einschränkungen Ihres Lebensstils erfordern. Bei einigen soll man tonnenweise Eiweiß zu sich nehmen, andere empfehlen Kohlenhydrate. In jedem Fall müssen Sie Ihre Ernährungsgewohnheiten, bezogen auf was oder wann Sie es essen, drastisch umstellen. In diesem Spezialreport, werfen wir einen detaillierten Blick auf einen aufstrebenden und vielversprechenden Trend für die Gewichtsreduzierung, von dem wir glauben, dass er das Spiel ändert ohne Ihr Leben stark einzuschränken.

Möglicherweise haben Sie schon von der enorm populären Acai-Beere in den Nachrichten gehört. Es ist eine völlig organische Beerenart, die im Amazonas-Regenwald von Südamerika gefunden wurde. Die Acai-Beere an sich bietet bereits vor allem wegen ihres hohen Gehalts an Antioxidantien viele Vorteile. Kombiniert man sie mit einem starken Darmreiniger, erhält man eine Fettverbrennungsmaschine. Wenn Sie skeptisch sind, sind Sie nicht alleine.

Dieses Produkt sollte nicht verkauft werden an oder verwendet werden von Personen unter 18 Jahren. Dieses Produkt darf nur entsprechend den Angaben auf dem Etikett verwendet werden. Während Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit sollte das Produkt nicht eingenommen werden. Wenn Sie an einer schweren Krankheit leiden oder verschreibungspflichtige Medikamente einnehmen, konsultieren Sie vorab Ihren behandelnden Arzt. Sie sollten sich stets zunächst von einem Arzt beraten lassen, bevor Sie dieses Produkt oder irgendein anderes Nahrungsergänzungsmittel verwenden. Diese Erklärungen wurden nicht von der französischen Arzneimittelbehörde evaluiert. Die Absicht dieses Produktes ist es nicht, Krankheiten zu diagnostizieren, sie zu behandeln, zu heilen oder ihnen vorzubeugen. Die Gewichtsreduktion kann je nach Anwender variieren.

VitaKetone & Zolyria for Women – Slimming Combo

Hey girls, are you ready for some good news? You are finally able to lose weight with the help of Vita-Ketone and Zolyria, 2 supplements recently launched internationally.

They work together to provide quick and long-term slimming results, especially when you combine VitaKetone and Zolyria with moderate exercise. This will not only help you lose weight and burn fat, but will improve your overall health.

VitaKetone regulates Adiponectin, a hormone that boosts your body’s metabolism, making it easier for you to burn fat. It does so because it contains Raspberry Ketone, the compound that gives red raspberries their heavenly flavor. You could be eating raspberries to lose weight, but according to a notorious medical show you should eat 41kg of raspberries daily…or just take VitaKetone.

Zolyria has a Probiotic enhanced formula, which means that it could have a beneficial impact on your digestive system and promote healthy cholesterol. Zolyria is a supplement for digestive cleansing, contributing to your fat-burning. Give your metabolism the boost it needs with the power of Zolyria!

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Not just women want a higher self esteem that comes with a fit body. Men also feel better when they look better, both physically and mentally. VitaKetone (with Raspberry Ketone) helps men burn fat and Zolyria speeds up the process (promoting detox of the body).

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VitaKetone & Zolyria International

Choose your country and enjoy Vita-Ketone and Zolyria, the fast combination to burn fat and get in shape!

VitaKetone contains Raspberry Ketone, the natural compound responsible for the aroma of red raspberries. This has been called a “miracle fat burner in a bottle” by a notorious TV doctor. Raspberry Ketone could increase some measures of metabolism and promote weight loss.

Zolyria acts like a digestion aid, helping your digestive system get rid of the toxic buildup. This way you might feel less bloated, more energetic and could help you lose weight. Zolyria’s unique combination of powerful yet natural ingredients make your weight loss goals achievable.


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Vitaketone and Zolyria for Weight Loss

The makers of the Vita-Ketone and Zolyria supplements can help those looking to lose weight by functioning as both a fat burner and a cleanse. The combo specifically targets belly fat, which can be a real problem area for many dieters. This supplement is suitable for both men and women.

VitaKetone und Zolyria Deutschland

Vita-Ketone und Zolyria sind 2 der neusten abnehmen Produkte und sind jetzt auch endlich in Deutschland verfügbar Sie versprechen das man innerhalb kuerzester zeit abnehmen kann.

Vita-Ketone enthält Himbeerketon, “Das Nr. 1 Wunder in einer Flasche, das Ihr Fett verbrennt“. Himbeer-Ketone sind die Grundaroma-Bestandteile von roten Himbeeren. Studien belegen, dass Himbeer-Ketone ein sicheres und effektives Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sind, um Fett zu verlieren.

Zolyria Tabletten sind eigentlich eine Diät Hilfe, sie sind entworfen, um Ihnen zu helfen verstoffwechseln Kohlenhydrate schneller. Schauspielerei als physische Reiniger, ermöglicht Zolyria Ihren Körper Fett in Energie zu drehen bei einer sehr hohen Geschwindigkeit.


VitaKetone Austria Zolyria Austria
 VitaKetone Switzerland   Zolyria Switzerland